Jul 30, 2014

Tools Used to Make the Comic

Here is a list of software and websites that were used in creation of  'Mine Your Manners.'

Minecraft [obviously]
Some of the panels are just screenshots in multiplayer mode with one player as the cameraman and another as an actor.  In other panels the in-game graphics are only used for the background and the players are added later with...

This has a really useful photo matching feature that makes it easy to place objects on top of Minecraft screenshots and have the perspective line up perfectly.  Players can be put in positions and their limbs manipulated into poses that aren't possible in the actual game.  Skins can be imported and altered from within sketchup thanks to an invaluable plugin...

MC Skin [Sketchup Plugin]
Automatically creates a Steve model inside of Sketchup and has the ability to skin him with any skin from the likes of...

The Skindex & Novaskin & Planet Minecraft etc
Websites with user contributed Minecraft skins.  You already know this right?

3D Warehouse
A website with user contributed Sketchup models.  Almost anything from Minecraft can be found here in sketchup format.

Those nifty 8-bit style speech bubbles are created here, thanks to a neat little speech bubble generator they have.

Paint Program
The final images are scaled down and arranged in a paint program. Any paint program will do.

The finished comic is uploaded to, and hosted by Blogger.

Planet Minecraft
This is where most readers end up reading the comic as there's a huge community of Minecraft lovers over there. The comic can be found in the blog section there.

This was another Minecraft web-comic which was partially the inspiration for this one.  The author has since moved on to other things, but you can still find the old comics at the bottom of the FAQ page on his website.

Sim aka Roobub